Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sets your book apart from other text books in statistics? 
A: Focus and brevity. Every example and problem is solved step by step. By following the solution, you will be able to solve problems closely related. 

Q: Does your tutorial cover all the important subjects that are normally included in a introductory 
statistics course ? 
A: Yes. There are 46 lessons covering the major topics in both statistics and probability theory. Check out the table of contents and index of the tutorial for a topics covered. 

Q: What level of mathematics does the reader need? 
A: All that you need is simple algebra and arithmetic to follow the examples and problems in the tutorial. 

Q: Would I need a statistical calculator ? 
A: Not at all. No statistical calculator is ever needed for the tutorial. All you need is a inexpensive calculator that has a square root button. 

Q: I am planning to take several courses in my major that require statistics. Would your tutorial be useful as a reference book ? 
A: Absolutely. Since the tutorial is topic orientated, you can easily find in the tutorial the various subjects that are covered in the courses that you are taking. Our tutorial has been used by students majoring in psychology, communications, biology, medicine, pharmacology, etc. 

Q: The statistics class I am taking is using another book. Would your tutorial still be helpful. 
A: Certainly. Since the tutorial is organized according to topics in statistics and probability theory, when you have problems understanding the lecture or the text book, just lookup in the table of contents or index the subject that you are studying. Our tutorial will ‘tutor you’ on that topic. 

Q: Is your tutorial expensive ? 
A: Compared to other statistics text books, we have keep the price relatively low. The price for the book is $68.00 for both volumes . Also, you can purchase just a single volume for $34.00 Shipping is free and if you live outside of California there is no sales tax. 

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