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Contains 46 lessons covering all major topics in elementary probability theory and statistics
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Teaches effective problem solving using a step-by-step tutorial approach
Fundamentals of Statistics and Probability Theory, a 2 volume work
Over 1800 problems solved 
Supplementary problems
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Fundamentals of Statistics & Probability Theory A Tutorial Approach

Fundamentals of Statistics & Probability Theory, a two volume textbook tutorial created by Howard Dachslager is an ideal tutorial resource for supporting both independent study and classroom textbook requirements. All major areas of elementary probability theory and statistics are covered in this innovative book. Acting as tutor, which utilizes a step-bystep approach, the reader is guided each step along of the way. Examples are presented, explained and solved in detail, providing the student with ample opportunity for reinforcement of the material. The book consists of 46 lessons covering set theory, probability theory, the normal distribution, inference theory and and all important areas of statistics. Over 1800 examples and problems are provided throughout the book in a clear and concise presentation. The book is printed double-spaced. Students have found it helpful for note taking, and their test scores show that they are indeed learning from this tutorial approach. It is recommended that the student have some knowledge of elementary algebra. 
Readers Respond... 

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Ideal as a textbook or for independent study
Yes, you can learn probability. Thousands of successful students are living proof of this. How is this possible? We explain statistics and probability theory in an entirely different way. Examples and problems are solved step-by-step. Concepts are clearly explained and straight to the point. Students have expressed with delight how easy it was for them to learn the subject. See for yourself: read the testimonials of several of the many students that have been successful using our book. 

I feel that I have been very fortunate to have used Dr. Dachslager's book. I am an RN who had gone back to school to learn how to do research in my field of cardiovascular nursing. During the first semester of my nursing research class, I was at a loss of how to incorporate a statistical model into my research paper. While studying this book, I found a model that was easy for me to understand and thus helped make my paper more clear. 

I received an "A" on my paper. Need I say more? Thank you, Dr. Dachslager! 

-Frankie Besch, RN, Indianapolis, Indiana 

I have terrible math anxiety, and when I first purchased my copy of the textbook, I was seriously asking myself what I was getting myself into. As the semester started out, I began to realize how easy the text was to read since it followed the lectures virtually word for word. The book's self-teaching format was also easy to follow. No matter how confusing I thought a problem was, I could always figure it out by referring back to the previous section of the chapter to get clarification, and answers to my questions. 

Using this textbook is like having the instructor sitting next to you the whole time you are working from it. I wish that all math books made math as tangible and doable as this one." 

-Lauren Mirallegro, Student, Saddleback College 

Statistics and Probability theory by Howard Dachslager is indeed the best math book I've ever studied from. When I'm studying from this book, it feels like I've hired a tutor because every problem is shown step-by-step. I just love how the book matches its example problems with practice problems because when I run into practice problems I don't understand, I can always rely on going back to the example problems. With this book in hand, I don't think anyone really needs to go to class to learn statistics because the book is so easy to comprehend and learn from. 

To be honest, if you own this book, you will definitely find it easy and fun. 

-Tina Chen, Student Irvine Valley College